Yemen court sentences kidnappers of Czech tourists up to 15 years in prison

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SANAA, YEMEN (BNO NEWS) — A Yemeni court on Wednesday sentenced five Yemenis to 12 and 15 years in jail after convicting them of abducting four Czech tourists in January, state-run Saba news agency reported.

The court sentenced Ali al-Ghadri, Ahmed al-Waleedi, and Abdul-Salam al-Muafa to 12 years. In addition, it handed down 15 years in prison against Mohamed al-Khaldi and Saleh al-Khaldi, fugitives from justice.

According to the indictment, the convicts abducted at gunpoint the four Czech nationals, who were touring the capital Sanaa. Shortly after the abduction, police freed the tourists unharmed, but two soldiers and a child were injured in the clash, according to a statement by the Interior Ministry.

Yemen’s tribesman have used hostages in the past to get concessions from the government.

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